Adley Burstyner is investigating the damages which may be available to purchasers of shares affected by the cartel behaviour alleged by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and the ACCC.

The class action dedicated law practice is inviting purchasers of shares in the period 6 August 2015 to 17 September 2015 to indicate their interest in a claim.

David Burstyner, principal lawyer, has worked on some of the world’s largest cartel class actions. He said: “The regulators’ prosecutions are early indications that this will be a uniquely strong case on liability. Cartel behaviour has been illegal for decades. With authorities making it clear that ‘cartels steal billions of dollars in Australia’, these allegations – if proven – constitute one of the most serious example of banks and others in the financial services industry acting with reckless disregard for laws or the financial pain they leave in their wake. ACCC and Commonwealth Prosecutions are vital, but without a damages class action like we’re working on the effected Purchasers might not get back any money illegally taken from them, allowing the wrongdoers to get away without making compensation”.

By contacting Adley Burstyner, or visiting its website, interested share purchasers can ask to be kept informed about the progress of the investigation and potential case, and be invited to formally participate in a claim in due course. Registering interest will also help and encourage Adley Burstyner’s investigation, because the firm will only pursue a claim if it is clear that it is something purchasers want to consider.

For comments contact Adley Burstyner on (03) 9611 0190.

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