Dominant Brewers' Tap Contracts Action

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Beer from independent breweries, called craft beer by some, can be innovative, experimental and creative. But those independent brewers have expressed concern that the two dominating brewers are using their wallets and market muscle to pressure venues into not allowing new beers.

The big two brewers each have corporate histories going back over 100 years, the backing of global conglomerates with annual revenue in the tens of billions of dollars each and over a dozen beer brands each. It is alleged that this financial and brand power is being used to keep other beers out of venues.

At this stage, Adley Burstyner is:

  • Investigating the viability of legal action, and developing strategies for a potential legal claim against CUB and/or Lion; and
  • Recording interest in such a claim so we can make sure that there are brewers who want it, and so that those brewers’ financial claims (if any) are accounted for in the compensation calculations.

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Registration does not create any obligation, or any cost to you . Registering  increases the chances of a case proceeding and we can keep you in the loop and informed.

Assessing the legal and factual theories of the case is ongoing, at least until court proceedings are formally commenced (if at all), so we can not guarantee that any case will be brought or that any case which is brought will be exactly as described above.

Expressing your interest

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To express your interest in this claim please complete the form below.