We are Adley Burstyner


Experts in Group Claims
Ethical and Values Driven
Seeking Justice.

Progress occurs when individuals stand together, no matter who they are. Delivering access to justice for all, Adley Burstyner represents those who have suffered loss from corporate wrongdoing.

While Class Action procedures have been possible in Australia for decades, the costs of high stakes litigation have put major court proceedings beyond the reach or appetite of most.

Adley Burstyner is levelling the playing field, helping private entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises access the benefits of Group Claim litigation.

David Burstyner is spearheading this change to provide greater access to justice through Group Claims.  A litigator for over 15 years, David has worked on some of Australia’s and Europe’s largest Class Actions. His personal and family history embodies hard work and passion and a commitment to do what it takes to achieve a better, fairer outcome. Combined with Adley - a name meaning "the just" - we become Adley Burstyner, a firm which tenaciously seeks justice in a better way.

Today Adley Burstyner is part of the Lantern Legal Group which includes Harwood Andrews and Sladen Legal.

Adley Burstyner harnesses the power of a 176 year old law firm with over 150 legal professionals and talented corporate service staff.

We utilise our expertise to run innovative and cost effective group claims while ensuring our clients receive professional and personalised service throughout the process. We do what we say we will and show respect at all times.

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
— Douglas Adams