Combustible Cladding

It is recognized that cladding used in many buildings in Victoria creates a significant risk of rapid spread of fire, and injury including death. Last year in London, 71 people died in the Grenfell Tower disaster caused by such cladding. Even if Victorian residential circumstances and regulatory environment mean that a death toll of that magnitude is unlikely (which is unknown), the fact that a fire raced up 13 floors of the Lacrosse building in the Docklands, Melbourne, in roughly 10 minutes proves the seriousness of risk, and that a future event could cause serious personal injuries or death. Experts reporting on that disaster considered that without the favourable weather conditions that night, and without the particularly quick response by the 450 persons evacuated, the outcome in Melbourne could have been far worse. In the words of one pre-eminent cladding expert: “these buildings are a ticking time bomb”.

Click here to link to Four Corners Expose on Combustible Cladding

Adley Burstyner is investigating claims for apartment owners (and the Owners' Corporations), to achieve rectification and compensation for the losses caused by the defective cladding.We are devising solutions for the financing of claims (which may include no win / no fee options) and a way of conducting the claim which does not require all benefitting Owners’ Corporations to comply with the requirements in sections 18 and 96 of Owners’ Corporation Act 2016 as to a special resolution being passed with a 75% majority.

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